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Health Tip – July 5 – Jogging For a Longer Life


Jogging may extend your life. We’re talking about an additional 6.2 years of life for male joggers and an additional 5.6 years for women joggers.

This news comes from researchers in Denmark who compared 1,116 men who jogged and 762 women joggers to many, many more non-joggers of both sexes as part of the ongoing Copenhagen City Heart Study. The study, which began in 1976, includes data on some 20,000 adults between the ages of 20 and 93. Looking at jogging individuals and lifespan, the researchers found that benefits were highest among those who jogged from one to 2.5 hours a week at slow or average speeds.

Beyond the improvement in life expectancy, the researchers linked a number of health benefits to jogging. These included improved cholesterol levels (higher HDL and lower triglycerides), better bone density, improved immune function, improved cardiac function, lower blood pressure, better body weight control, better psychological well-being and reduced markers for inflammation. So the joggers are apparently enjoying a better quality of life, and not just life extension


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