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About PopCrush Nights

PopCrush Nights, hosted by Donny Meacham, is based on the widely-read and cited pop culture and music site PopCrush.com. The show, which features the hottest new pop music and trending entertainment and music information, airs weeknights 7pm-midnight on Sunny 101.9.

About Donny Meacham

Donny Meacham is a Southern boy living in a Hollywood world! He has a long career in radio, TV, podcast, and more. His music obsession runs across all genres from Pop, Country, Alt, and Rap. His passion is telling people’s stories with humor, heart, and a little sass. He also is a “dating expert,” where he uses a little tough love to help you love yourself and others. In his downtime, he is binging TV shows and obsessively reapplying chapstick.

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