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Health Tip – Aug. 20 – Back Pain Ruining Your Day?


Chronic back pain is often due to poor posture, injuries, or muscle tension, and can profoundly impact your quality of life. Instead of using medications to dull the pain, try yoga. It is a proactive approach that can help prevent further injury and lessen the symptoms of current back pain. Yoga can:

  1. Engage your body, mind and spirit, which may lead to a feeling of self-reliance and control over your pain.
  2. Provide long-term preventive relief, through improved posture, breathing techniques, and stress reduction.
  3. Make you more aware of your body – balance, posture and proper alignment will be a renewed focus in your life.
  4. Strengthen your abdominal and leg muscles and increase blood flow – all of which can be beneficial for the back.
  5. Soothe your mind, which in turn can produce a relaxed, calm and meditative state that can lessen pain.


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