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Health Tip – May 15 – Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Healthy Skin


Here’s a headline that could add up to new respect for fruits and vegetables: researchers in Scotland have found that the more fresh produce you eat, the healthier – and better – your skin looks and the more you’re perceived as attractive.

The investigators from the University of St. Andrews looked at skin changes associated with the fruit and vegetable consumption of 35 students over the course of six weeks. They found that increased consumption of fruits and vegetables gave skin a healthy golden glow, while students who ate fewer fruits and vegetables during the study lost some skin color.

The study team attributed the improvements to the carotenoids (red and yellow pigments) found naturally in the fruits and vegetables. Even small increases in produce consumption led to visible improvements in skin color, researchers said.

They’re now conducting trials to find out whether the positive skin changes can induce people to change their eating habits and consume more fruits and vegetables.


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