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A Facebook Rant


Marquette, MI – 04/11/2019

This is more for the ladies in the group, but some of you guys can benefit from this little slice of advice when it comes to Facebook.

If you’re reaching out to someone in a “Friend” request – it will help you tremendously of you use your Maiden Name if you took your spouses last name when you got hitched.  I have a good handful of Friend requests, women mostly, who I have no idea who they are.  OK, I have a semi-idea of who it is, but how do I know for sure??  They are using a name I don’t know, or worse yet – THEY ONLY POST PHOTOS OF THEIR CAT OR THEIR KIDS!!

Nothing is more frustrating than having to Facebook stalk someone just to find out who they are?

So, proper procedure needs to be:

-Use the name people knew you as

-Post a photo of YOU

-Send a PM that you’re the one sending the “Friend” request

Rant over!


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