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A Little Throw Back Tuesday


Marquette, MI. – 04/09/2019

Last year was the 125th year of Negaunee Football.  And even though there are days it feels like it, I have not done the games on Sunny FM for all 125 years.

One cool element to the 125th year of football, 2018 also marked the 100th year of Negaunee Football being played at what we know today as Miner’s Stadium.  Before that, the games were played at Union Field which was located somewhere out by where the Heritage Trail opens up between Negaunee and Ishpeming.

As you can imagine, there have been several changes to Miner’s Stadium over those 100 years, the most recent being the new Press Facility added to the bleachers in 2016.

I was poking around and found a photo with no name credited – so if this is yours and you DON’T want it online here I will gladly take it down.  I’m guessing early 1950’s?  There is hardly any businesses out on 41, and the highway itself looks like it’s still a two-lane.  The highway became a four line in the mid 1950’s from what I’m told.

Anyway, thought if you love Negaunee Football like I do you’d get a kick out of this.


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