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I Need You, Where is the Best Place to Hike in Marquette County? – Sunny Overnights with Jeremy

Morgan Falls in Marquette, Michigan - Saddleback Photography
Morgan Falls off the Down Dogger Trails in Marquette, Michigan – Saddleback Photography

Marquette, MI- June 26th , 2017- I have mentioned on the show that I moved up here back in January. Now that it is getting to summer, I am trying to get out more and see all the beautiful things this area has to offer. You will also be doing me a huge favor for when I have to play tour guide to my friends and family who come to visit me.

My fiance and I (and I should include my dog, Zeus), love to go hiking and seeing nature’s beautiful creations. I have gone around and see a few. But I have heard that there are so many hidden gems in this area. I have been up Sugarloaf, and Hogback. I have seen Dead River Falls and Morgan Falls but I want you to tell me what else I am missing out on.

So I ask you to leave your opinion on the best place to hiking below. Tell me why you thought it was the best and if you could, where it is. I really encourage you to comment below and I know my fiance Lauren and my dog Zeus would love you to death if you gave us more places to search.

It was a wonderful Monday morning, and I look forward to spending many more with you. You can see more at my web page.