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Are You Ready For Some Football? – Sunny Overnights with Jeremy

Football season is just about here! Who's excited like I am?
Football season is just about here! Who’s excited like I am?

Marquette, MI- August 7th, 2017- I was telling you about the cravings I can’t deny myself of when it comes to Sundays. I can’t miss a new episode of “Game of Thrones” when it airs and when there is a football game on I have to be in front of a T.V. I have said many times on the show that I am a bit of a sports nut.

My fiance did not believe how big of a fan I was until things started becoming more serious and she would want to make plans but we couldn’t because there was a big game on. That is especially true when it comes to football season. I feel like when the Super Bowl ends I go into mourning because I know it will be a long time until the next football game.I mean I get excited for the Draft, I do not miss a second of the three-day event. When Free-Agency starts, I am always on Twitter.

Soon enough, I will have my cravings satisfied because we already had our first NFL pre-season game. This will be the last weekend without some sort of football until February. It truly is the most wonderful time of year. I am especially excited for this year, no not because my team (Detroit Lions) will be good coming off a playoff birth. I actually think they stink this year. But I am excited for the high school season. I’ve never been anywhere where high school football is a big event for the area. My high school team won one game in my four years and I know the local high schools we have here are really good. So I’m excited to be a part of a city with a big passion for the high school scene.

So football fans, get your bleacher cushions ready for Fridays, and your sofas and televisions ready for Saturdays and Sundays, because the best time of year is almost upon us!

I had so much fun with you this morning and I look forward to doing it again tomorrow! You can check out more at my web page.