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Game of Thrones Season 7 Review – Sunny Overnights with Jeremy


Marquette, MI- August 29th, 2017- It has been a long time coming for Game of Thrones fans but the season 7 finale of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones debuted Sunday night. This episode did not disappoint. I respect that some people have not seen the show but plan on doing so when it is all said and done, so I will do my best to put no spoilers in this post. With that being said those people are going to have to wait a long time because the producers of the show announced that the eight and final season will not premier until January of 2019.

For Game of Thrones fans that will be an eternity, especially after everything that had unfolded this season. It was not your typical season of Game of Thrones. Usually you get a lot of death of people you don’t want to see, there was death this season but none that were too tragic to the A-list characters. Actually this season almost felt like a good feel season. Fans were able to get some answers that we have all been waiting for that we had suspected. You were given some long awaited reunions and a romance that though may seem odd, but something fans wanted to see.

It truly was another great season and people can understand why the show is so popular around the world. The worst part about this season is we all know what is coming but we are going to have to way another year and a half to find out what happens. If you have never seen the show I recommend you go right now and watch it. You have a year and a half to watch 70 hours of the best television you are ever going to watch.

I had a ton of fun on the show this morning with you and always look forward to doing it again. You can see more at my web page.