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No, Adam Levine Didn’t Say That…


Last week, while scrolling through Facebook, a story caught my attention. “Adam Levine Had This To Say About Marquette, Michigan Residents”. To sum up the story, he was driving out of Marquette when he had car trouble. A bunch of people stopped to help him out, not knowing who he was, and gave him a ride back into town.

Now, allow me this…we do live in a fairly secluded area of the United States, but someone who looks like Adam Levine, would certainly be recognized by someone. We, as Yoopers, have mastered the art of not making too big of a deal. Remember, Dale Earnhardt Jr was snowmobiling and hanging out downtown Negaunee….

The story goes on to say that while his car was being fixed, someone else took him to lunch and he was so touched by the experience that he’s going to move here when he retires. I’m sorry, but this story isn’t true. If you google the headline, you’ll discover that the story has been sent around in regards to numerous different celebrities and other remote locations. Not that it wouldn’t be exciting to come across Adam Levine stranded on the side of the road…

Adam Levine – NY Times Story

We Yoopers are a loving, helpful, polite bunch of individuals. And, though they may not be celebrities, there are still many out there that could use a helping hand. So, keep your eyes open though, you never know who is out there.


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