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Go Get Outside!


So, I did something. I signed up for the Polar Roll Walk in the Park. I love what RAMBA (Range Area Mountain Bike Association) does and stands for. So, when I discovered the opportunity to do something to support them, I went for it. RAMBA is a self-supported non-profit that works at building and sustaining the variety of mountain bike/hiking trails around the area.

I don’t mountain bike. Though, I would really like to try it some day. I don’t snow bike either, though I would like to try that as well. So, I opted for the next best thing. I strapped on my snowshoes and walked the Negaunee SnowShoe Loop. It’s about 2.25 miles and it weaves and winds its way through Old Town.

Sunday morning, pre Packer disappointment, I set out on my little adventure. The freshly fallen powder made for a beautiful walk in the woods. Enjoy the pics! And, make your plans to get outside!

Setting out on the snowshoe loop in Negaunee
The fresh powdery snow made for a beautiful walk
I love walking past the old foundations of homes and businesses that are scattered through Old Town Negaunee

Just one of the cooler foundations and walls I strolled past
The end of the trail brings you to a beautiful stair case…but, how do you get down it?
I made it down the stairs by side stepping my way. A great way to end a beautiful Walk in the Park.


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