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Get Outside…Part 2


Last weekend, I fulfilled my second obligation to the Polar Roll Walk in the Park with a snowshoe on the loop in Ishpeming. This time, the loop had to be completed counter-clockwise, so we had to go against the grain and navigate our way without a lot of sign support.

I’ve never been on these trails before. But, I will certainly go back there again! Just gorgeous! A beautiful area to walk and roam. I’m not sure how I’d feel hiking back there in the summer with the fast trails and the mountain bikes. But, snowshoeing in the winter is perfect!

When you look at the pictures, you’ll notice a map. Please disregard the ‘tail’ on the map. We went the wrong way… LOL… apparently that’s a thing when it comes to RAMBA adventures!

Enjoy the pictures! And if you want to learn more about the opportunities of supporting RAMBA, NTN, and the other trails in the area. Check out the Polar Roll here.

Just ignore that little tail at the bottom. We were on an adventure!
Gorgeous walk through the woods!
Now, here’s a trail I can get behind!
Never Quit. Much needed when you’re back in the woods.
A beautiful hike! Remember your snowshoes!


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