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What am I talking about?


Hey all!

My first blog! Wow!

So, if you’ve been listening, you’ve heard me mention the Arbonne RE-9 Anti-Aging Line that is available on upbargains.com. Check it out here: Arbonne.

Here’s why I am such a fan of Arbonne and all that they have to offer. Arbonne is a Swiss company, founded in 1975 and brought into the United States in 1980. Their moto is Pure. Safe. Beneficial. Every product they make is created to the strictest European Standards, banning over 1200 chemicals from human consumption. Everything you put on your skin absorbs into your blood within 26 seconds.

My passion for Arbonne started about 3 years ago. I was dealing with acne, breakouts, and just angry skin. I had tried so many different ‘fixes’ from mud masks to peeling gels. I was given a 7-day sample of the RE-9 Anti Aging Line and noticed almost immediate improvements. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this stuff was actually working! Now, like most new things you introduce to your system, there’s a period of time where the products are pulling the bad stuff from your system, so you may experience a few additional breakouts. They’ll go away!

I’m including a couple of pictures so you can see just what a difference it has made.

If you have questions, or would like to try it for yourself, send me a message! Oh, and I love doing get togethers where I can pamper you!

Let me help you find your best skin yet!

Before Arbonne
After Arbonne


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