Eastwood and Norlite Nursing Center

Family-owned and operated nursing centers Norlite and Eastwood are looking for caring, compassionate, committed people to join their staff. When you apply to Norlite or Eastwood Nursing Center, you can go through the training process and become a Certified Nursing Assistant. They will provide you with real world experience with an six month minimum in-house residency to get you ready for the next step in your career!

Interested? Apply right from your computer or smartphone with their easy to use online web application! Click here

Call at Eastwood Team at (906) 475-7500 to follow up or for more information.

Caring, Compassionate, Committed

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Quality Improvement Manager at Norlite Assisted Living, Wayne R. Johnson MBA, NHA.

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Norlite Nursing Center and Rehab is located at 701 Honestead Street in Marquette.

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Start your new career with Norlite or Eastwood Nursing center.

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  Marquette, MI  -  November 26, 2018  -  Norlite and Eastwood Nursing Center offer their residents long or short team care services, but the facility...
Visit Eastwood Nursing Center at 900 Maas Street in Negaunee.

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Quality Improvement Manager at Norlite Assisted Living, Wayne R. Johnson MBA, NHA.

Start Your New Career at Norlite or Eastwood Nursing Center with Paid CNA Training

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