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Health Tip – Mar. 16 – Five Steps to Help a Runny Nose


Postnasal drip occurs when the thin mucus secreted into the throat by the nose and sinuses decreases and thickens, causing irritation. Often triggered by respiratory ailments such as colds, allergies, and/or sinusitis, postnasal drip can be particularly uncomfortable when you are lying down or asleep.

If you experience postnasal drip, try the following:

1. Eliminate dairy products for two months to see if the symptoms resolve.

2.Drink at least eight glasses (two quarts) of filtered water or other healthy liquids a day.

3.Cut back on coffee, caffeinated soft drinks, and alcohol – all of which cause the body to lose water.

5.If you smoke, quit.

6.If you suspect that allergies are a cause, consider taking stinging nettle capsules to help control your symptoms.


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