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Health Tip – Jan. 9 – Chocolate Update: A Trick to Cut Consumption


You may be able to get your chocolate habit under control if you take a 15- minute walk during the day. That’s the word from Britain’s University of Exeter after researchers looked at consumption in 78 “regular chocolate-eaters.” They divided their study participants into four groups, all of which abstained from chocolate for two days before the study.

Two groups were then assigned to take a 15-minute walk on a treadmill while the other two groups rested. Afterwards, half the participants in each group were given a stressful, demanding task while the others were given an easier job. The whole time, everyone had access to a bowl of chocolates on their desks.

The results? The participants who exercised ate half the amount of chocolate (about half an ounce) as those who had been asked to rest. This held true regardless of whether the task they were given after exercise or rest was easy or challenging. Earlier research from this same team of investigators showed that exercise can curb cravings for chocolate.


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