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Health Tip – Dec. 13 – Ginger May Protect the Colon


Researchers from the University of Michigan Medical School have reported that supplements of ginger root extract reduced markers of colon inflammation that might lead to cancer.

The investigators recruited 30 patients at normal risk for colon cancer for their study and randomly assigned them to receive either two grams of ginger root supplements or a placebo for 28 days.

The researchers then measured levels of colon inflammation in biopsies taken via sigmoidoscopy. They found that some markers showed a statistically significant decline while other markers showed reductions that were smaller.

Earlier studies have implicated inflammation as a forerunner of colon cancer. The research team noted, however, that further investigation will be needed to explore how ginger affects the risk of the disease, and to determine whether supplements can be recommended as a means of prevention.

The study was published online on October 11 by the journal Cancer Prevention Research.


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