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Health Tip – Dec. 8 – Is Fresh Juice Better?


If you have ever had the good fortune to drink freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice, you undoubtedly have been amazed at how much better it tasted than the concentrated or bottled varieties. The reason is that fresh juice, unlike commercial juice products, has not been heat treated, a process commonly used to kill pathogens that might grow in the interval between extraction and consumption.

Unfortunately, while heat treating can help keep our store-bought juices safe, it also destroys enzymes, lowers vitamin concentrations and alters the taste – juice becomes blandly sweet, rather than featuring a natural symphony of complex and subtle flavors.

In addition to its appealing taste, home-squeezed citrus juice may also offer a bevy of health benefits – studies have linked dietary intake of fruit juice with lower levels of inflammation and decreased risk of heart disease. And home-squeezed juice tends to contain more pulp, a source of healthful dietary fiber.


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