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Health Tip – Dec. 5 – Holiday Plant Safety


Some of the common holiday plants, such as the poinsettia and mistletoe have often been considered very poisonous, even life-threatening. Although caution should be exercised, ingestion of these plants is not fatal.

The Amaryllis, an exotic plant from tropical America and Africa has brilliant-colored flowers and green strap-shaped leaves. A stomach-ache can occur if the bulb is eaten.

Eating the bark from cedar Christmas trees can cause a stomach-ache. The sap may cause an itchy skin rash.

The bright red berries of the Holly plant are especially attractive to small children. Nibbling on 1 or 2 berries will not cause any symptoms. Swallowing more, however, can result in nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and diarrhea.

If you suspect a plant ingestion, call your local Poison Control Center immediately. Do not make someone vomit unless instructed by Poison Control.


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