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Health Tip – Sept. 7 – Provide Health Information to Your Child’s School


Organize your child’s medical history records and emergency medical contact information. Provide a copy of this information to your child’s school and any day care providers with instructions to take it with them to the emergency department if your child is sick or injured. The form should include information related to prescription medications, medical problems or previous surgeries, as well as pertinent family history and emergency contacts.

Free forms can be downloaded at www.emerg encycareforyou.org/forms. Complete a consent-to-treat form, and give copies to the school nurse and any day care providers to keep in your child’s record and to take with them if your child should need to go to the emergency department. The form will allow caregivers to authorize medical treatment. Don’t forget to give instructions for which ambulance service you prefer to be called if more than one is available in your community.

Work with the school nurse and your child’s physician to develop action plans for any health issues your child has, such as asthma or food allergies. Communicate these plans to all appropriate caregivers.


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