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Health Tip – Dec. 7 – Exercise, Melatonin Against Alzheimer’s


A combination of regular physical exercise plus daily doses of melatonin could slow, and perhaps halt, the development of Alzheimier’s. So far, this combo has been tested only in mice, but with promising results.

Researchers at the Barcelona Medical Research Institute in Spain reported that when their study began, the mice, which were bred to develop Alzheimer’s, already were showing signs of the disease, including learning problems and behavioral concerns such as anxiety and apathy.

However, after six months, the researchers reported that evidence of the disease had significantly regressed in the mice that received melatonin and exercise. They noted that the treatment might not work in humans because Alzheimer’s develops over several years and by the time memory problems surface, the brain has already deteriorated.

However, the researchers noted that several clinical studies have found signs of physical and mental benefits in Alzheimer’s patients treated with both exercise and melatonin. And they said that until a reliable and effective treatment is found, healthy living habits are essential for reducing both the risk and the severity of Alzheimer’s.


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