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Health Tip – July 24 – Get Moving


A healthful diet is not the only factor when it comes to achieving a healthy weight – physical activity plays an important role as well. While it may seem challenging to find time to work out, the long- and short-term health benefits make it a necessary aspect of achieving optimum health and a healthy weight. These few  simple tips can help get you moving and your calories burning!

1. Change your daily habits. We’ve all heard the advice to park farther away or take the stairs, because it works. Set a goal to take the stairs at work every other day, then every day.

2 Join a gym. Make an appointment with a trainer on staff – she or he can help design a plan for your level of fitness, health concerns or time constraints. Then go!

3. Take care of yourself. Wear the proper footwear, removable layers or light clothing, start slow and work your way up, and avoid dehydration by drinking more water than you think you need.

4. Get excited to work out. Join an exercise class, rent new exercise videos, hire a personal trainer, or enlist a friend for morning walks. It’s more fun if you don’t go it alone. And mix up your exercise routine to work different sets of muscles and keep boredom at bay.

5.   Try Yoga. It is an effective and enjoyable way to burn calories, increase muscle mass (which in turn burns more calories) and enhance stretching, which is important for keeping joints limber and preventing injury.

6.  Start dancing! Fast-tempo dancing is not only fun (especially when you get some friends to join you) but can burn 400 to 500 calories per hour.


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