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Netflix Originals Are Becoming the New Hallmark Movies

Netflix Original Movies (Credit: Netflix)
Netflix Original Movies (Credit: Netflix)

Negaunee, MichiganMay 23, 2019 – Have you watched many of the Netflix Originals movies?

If you haven’t, you ought to give them a try, especially if you are/were a lover of the old Hallmark movies. They’re pretty similar!

I’ve watched quite a few over the last couple of years since Netflix began releasing more and more of their own original movies. They’re quite good, to my surprise.

Some of my favorites so far: Bird Box, Sabrina, Mercy, Malevolent, The Ritual, Dumplin’, Step Sisters, 1922, Gerald’s Game, River’s Edge, and The Other Side of the Wind.

Check them out. Find your own favorites! There are SO many to choose from, now!

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