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Keeping Up With Kelsey: Gloomy Weather Produces Lazy Days

Lazy Sunday TV
Lazy Sunday TV

Negaunee, MichiganSeptember 24, 2018 – Yesterday (Sunday) we had such gloomy, rainy weather that it was a decided “stay-at-home” day for my family. Sometimes, you just NEED those days where you do absolutely nothing but sit in your jammies, drink tea (juice, in my kid’s cup) and just hang out watching movies/TV all day. And let me tell you, it was GLORIOUS.

I can’t remember the last time I did nothing. Nothing to worry about, nothing to do, nothing pressing, nobody wanting me for anything (other than to put on a movie and get a cup of juice). Again, it was FABULOUS. If you’re a parent, you can probably fully relate. I was able to watch SIX FULL EPISODES of my new binge-worthy TV show on Netflix. Amazing. A normally unattainable feat by a parent.

This post is not to brag, however. This is to encourage those parents out there who think they don’t have time to do this, to remind them that they in fact DO. You just make time. Yes, I could have done the pile of dishes on the counter. Yes, I probably should have done the mountain of laundry sitting in the laundry room. Yea, I should’ve swept the floor, cleaned the bathroom, etc. etc. etc. But I didn’t. Because I simply did not want to.

All of those things to do will still be there come Monday (today). And yes, I’ll have to get them done today. But I’m not dreading those chores like I normally do, because I didn’t have to do them yesterday. Taking a day to do nothing made all the difference. It improved my mental and emotional health to not have to do anything.

So parents, take note – It really is okay to do nothing sometimes. The chores will still be there tomorrow. Make today a “rainy” day!

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