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What’s Crispety, Crunchety, and No Longer Flying?

great lakes radio
Boyfriend and Dad, dragging what we once knew as a television

Michigamme, MI – 6/14/13 – Opening the summer place after a long winter tends to come with a few surprises.

Good thing Dads are brave–YUCK!

This time, my family’s ancient broken TV had to be heaved, but we didn’t expect to be heaving ourselves: there, nestled peacefully underneath the old dinosaur, was a dried out creature carcass.

Now, I admit I have a distaste for furry winged things: namely bats and moths.. And I didn’t know at first if I was looking at the biggest moth I’d ever seen or a giant spider or WHAT, but I wasn’t too relieved to discover it was a crispy dead BAT that had been hiding there for god-knows-how-long.

It was better than the time my mom and I discovered a dead moth in the coffee maker–AFTER we drank the coffee.

Sunny fm
Why I can get over dead bats and heavy winters… Lovely :)

Gross. The joys of nature…


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