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35 Years of Service: Marquette Beautification & Restoration Committee

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Evidence of their hard work and dedication can be seen all around town.

Marquette certainly has changed in the last 35 years, growing more beautiful and converting new residents with every year.

The Marquette Beautification and Restoration Committee, at its regular meeting at the Landmark this afternoon, remembered the creation and growth of their organization and its leaders, and shared stories about its service to the Marquette community over the years.

There was a shortage of chairs for the surplus of members in attendance, which was something President Emily Lewis celebrated, saying that the committee had just met their goal of having over a hundred members.

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Members enjoy lunch in the Sky Room of the Landmark Inn overlooking Marquette

Events to look forward to from the committee include the 6th annual Garden Extravaganza coming up on Saturday, June 15th, which promises to be fun and educational for anyone interested in improving their gardening skills.

On July 15th, presentation of the recently restored Father Marquette statue on Front Street will be a treat. Recently vandalized, the statue will be beautiful once again, so save the date.

Also, the 20th annual Garden Tour will take place on July 25th this year. Tickets are $10, and will benefit the work of the committee.

“Petunia Pandemonium” was a recent success on June 1st–the impact can be seen all along Front Street where the freshly planted flowers brighten up the town, even on gray days like this one! Take notice of the roundabout and the gardens around town, and remember the hard work of your city’s dedicated beautification associates.

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Poster with details for the upcoming Garden Tour



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