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NMU Wildcat Wednesday: Coronavirus Response And Planning Continues

Mike Bath

Marquette, MIJuly 29,2020 – Planning for the start of the Fall 2020 semester at Northern Michigan University during the coronavirus pandemic is continuing.  On our latest Wildcat Wednesday segment, we heard up-to-date information from NMU’s Chief of Police Mike Bath.

Bath, who co-chairs the Emergency Response Team at NMU, talked about some of the major changes that are being put into place on campus as the semester begins next month on August 17th.  He also shared information about how the coronavirus pandemic has changed may aspects of the university’s day-to-day operations and protocols.

Bath also reminded everyone that as the university adapts to the changes, the key things to remember are the need to wear a mask, maintain proper social distancing, avoid large gatherings of people and be sure to wash your hands.

Bath said the most updated and complete information about Northern’s coronavirus-related adjustments and protocols can be found at the NMU.EDU website.

LISTEN – Northern Michigan University’s Chief of Police Mike Bath with an NMU coronavirus update.

VISIT – The Northern Michigan University website for more information.

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