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State Senator Ed McBroom Blasts NRC U.P. Deer Baiting & Feeding Ban

State Senator Ed McBroom

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – State Senator Ed McBroom is not happy about the Natural Resources Commission’s decision last week to ban baiting and feeding of deer in a specific portion of the south-central U.P. in an effort to curb Chronic Wasting Disease in the U.P. deer herd.

The new ban impacts roughly 660 square miles, defined by major roadways within portions of Menominee, Delta and Dickinson counties, and was put into effect after one CWD-positive deer was found in the area last year.

McBroom says the commission did not take into full account the public comments offered by U.P. residents and it would have been helpful to have an actual hearing on the plan in the area that is affected by the ban.

The Dickinson County Republican says U.P. lawmakers urged the commissioners to hold a meeting in the Upper Peninsula before a decision was made and was disappointed that a meeting was not held.

McBroom adds that he is further concerned that the ban was enacted this year instead of waiting a year to see if any cases are found again and he looks forward to working on implementing a sunset for this new policy, so it does not run indefinitely.

LISTEN IN – Ed McBroom with his thoughts on the new U.P. deer baiting and feeding ban.

VISIT – Ed McBroom’s state website.


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