Friday, January 15, 2021
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Tag: Quality Of Life Daily Deal–Paisano Paving Package!

Paisano Paving Package! Improve your home's value and your quality of life with a new driveway from Paisano Paving. This 10,000 paving package and improve...

Calendar – Community – Marquette County Evergreen Award Nominations Accepted

Marquette – Nominate your candidate now for the Marquette County Evergreen Award. This award honors individuals who are dedicated to supporting and mentoring women and girls and helping them to reach their leadership potential. The individual nominated must meet three criteria: assist and/or mentor women and girls in reaching their leadership potential; demonstrate excellence, creativity [...]

Golf Outing To Benefit Willow Farms Therapeutic Riding Program

Great Lakes Radio is co-sponsoring another golf outing to raise money for the Therapeutic Riding Program at Willow Farms in Marquette, MI.  The event is being held June 4-th at Gentz’s Homestead Golf Course in Harvey, MI. Julie Frazier, Board President and therapeutic riding instructor, and Linda Mallon, Director of the Willow Farms Therapeutic Riding [...]