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UPHP Update: Update Immunizations For A Healthy Year

Chelsea Ely

Marquette, MISeptember 6, 2023 – Our latest Upper Peninsula Health Plan update focused on routine immunizations as preventative care necessary to get children caught up to avoid any potential outbreaks of preventable diseases in our communities.

Chelsea Ely, LPN, CHES, Clinical Coordinator at UPHP, spoke about the importance of updated vaccinations on Mark & Walt in the Morning.

Ely said kids and teens should get up to date on immunizations as soon as possible so they are healthy as school and all of their activities start back up, adding it can take a few weeks for immunizations, such as the flu, to take full effect in the body, so the sooner kids are caught up, the better.

She explained that the first step for anyone of any age is to contact their primary care provider’s office. They will have access to look up your immunization record, as well as knowing the child’s health and medical history to identify any additional vaccines that would be recommended.

Ely added that your local health department is another good resource to find out what your child or teen is due for and get them caught up, and to not wait and make the call. Get them scheduled at a doctor’s office, the health department, or even a pharmacy for certain immunizations.

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