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UPHP Update: The Importance Of Good Dental And Oral Health

Krystina Gwinn & Steve Rudness

Marquette, MI – (June 1, 2021) – On our latest Upper Peninsula Health Plan update, we heard from Steve Rudness, LMSW, Clinical Coordinator – Program Lead and Krystina Gwinn, Customer Service Manager.

Rudness and Gwinn spoke about the importance of good oral health and dental coverage and access for UPHP members with Mark & Walt in the Morning.

Rudness spoke about why oral health is so important and how people can maintain good oral health and improve it.

He also shared some thoughts on why some people are hesitant to go to the dentist, even if they have insurance to cover their exams.

Gwinn talked about finding a dentist that accepts your insurance and how a person might go about doing that.

She also talked about why it is important to have an established dental provider, and UPHP members can do if they need help getting to their dental appointments

Find out more the Upper Peninsula Health Plan website.

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