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The Johnson Family Christmas Tree: A Pine’s Tale



Well, our story starts out like most do; at the beginning.  There is a tree farm a ways down Co. 480 from Negaunee.  Every year, my entire family heads gathers at this farm and selects their tree.  After some arguing, cutting, and (on the rare occasion) bleeding, we all have our tree and head for lunch at the Crossroads Bar & Grill.  It’s a good time, and is always something that will be treasured amongst the Johnson family.  This year was a first though.  We didn’t cut down our own tree, we selected a pre-cut one that had been lying there for at least 24 hours.  Here’s how it’s life shook-out, post removal:


So that’s the story of our 2013 tree.  It met an unfortunate ending, but it served it’s purpose with honor and bravery.  Kudos to you tree…. kudos to you.  Happy 2014 everybody!

-Carl Leander




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