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Learning to Ride a Horse is More Difficult Than it Seems…

Madison the Horse from Willow Farms
Madison the Horse from Willow Farms

Harvey, MI – October 18th, 2016 – I’ve always loved working outside, and this past September, I jumped at the chance to help out with the horses at Willow Farms, just South or Marquette. I was introduced to the farm by chance through the radio station, but those wonderful people (and horses) made a huge impact on me.

Willow Farms provides the opportunity for disabled children and young adults to ride calm horses, and I was more than glad to lend a helping hand for several of these classes. After seeing what a HUGE difference riding a horse can make for someone, it cemented my desire to learn how to ride properly.

Just after finishing my fourth lesson, it dawned on me that learning to ride the right way would take some time. However, learning the different ways to control a horse and how the horse responds to you has been incredible!

I’m a tall guy, so I get to ride one of the biggest horses in the herd, Madison, or “Maddie” for short. She is a gypsy drum horse, and is essentially the size of a small draught (draft) horse. Her power is incredible, but we’re already beginning to understand each other.

If you have any cool horse stories or tips for me as I continue down the path of horsemanship, let me know in the comments below!