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22 Pounds of 2,000 Year Old Butter?


upper-bavaria-1192044_960_720Marquette, MI – June 15th, 2016 – As an avid cyclist and outdoor person, I like to eat. One thing that makes eating better though, is butter.

Originally from Wisconsin, I had the opportunity to grow up around all sorts of farms, and I loved the fresh dairy products. I don’t know that I love butter enough to eat some if it was 2,000 years old however…

The AP is reporting that a man in Ireland recently found a 22-pound preserved chunk of butter from approximately 2,000 years ago in a bog in County Meath. The Man was working as a “turf cutter”, someone who harvests peat moss from bogs to burn during the winter for warmth, when he discovered the centuries-old butter. After his discovery, he submitted the find to the Cavan Museum for authentication.

Although seemingly unheard of, people have been finding preserved butter in bogs for over 200 years. Researchers aren’t exactly sure why the butter was buried in bogs, however, they speculate that it’s due to the remarkable preservation properties of peat moss bogs. Cool temperatures and highly acidic conditions are one hypothesized reason for this preservation.

I don’t know about you, but I think I would still try some of that 2,000 year old butter!


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