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Well, we had a couple of milestone days this week, and this Mama is a bit emotional over them all. Now, I understand that there are many other milestones to come. But, with Aiden being my only child, I don’t take these moments for granted. His first words, his first steps, his pre-school graduation, his first day of kindergarten… Each moment is etched in my mind and on my heart. (See, I’m going to be sappy.)

Earlier this week, we celebrated birthday number 10. The double digits thing was a bit tough for me. But, it’s exciting because he’s becoming an amazing little man. Yesterday was another milestone. Yesterday we walked out of Lakeview Elementary as a student for the last time. I’ll admit, as I stood in the hallway waiting for the final bell to ring, the eyes got a little misty. As he came barreling down the hallway with the excitement of the last day of school, he hugged me and said, “We did it, Mama!” I asked, “We did what?” He answered, “We are done at Lakeview! I did it. I’m out of here!” And, yes, there were tears in his eyes too. (Oh, my heart!)

I am so appreciative of the teachers, educators, administration, and all of those responsible for what ‘A’ has experienced during his time at Lakeview. He has gone from being a little boy to a young man in the matter of moments. Each teacher he has had: Mrs. Young, Mrs. Baldini, Miss LeClaire, Mrs. Anderson, and Mr. Fisher, has influenced him and challenged him.

So, peace out, Lakeview Elementary. Thanks for the memories and the experiences. Here’s to another adventure! Happy Summer!

Peace Out Lakeview
On to a new adventure


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