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Fore! My First Golf Lesson.


Yesterday, I treated myself to a golf lesson with Marc Gilmore at the Marquette Golf Club. I have enjoyed swinging my clubs, but never had a whole lot of direction on what to do and how to do it. Now, Mark (my hubby), will tell you that he has tried to help me. And, he has. But, I must have needed it to be broken down a bit more so I had a better understanding of what was happening when I swing my club. As a family, we enjoy going out and hitting the ball around. I just want to hit it better.

The lesson started with me just warming up. This gave him an opportunity to watch and see what my swing looked like before he started his lesson. He was happy with my general swing, we just needed to work out a few minor details such as my club position, what my club did after I hit the ball, and proper follow through. I hit about 5 – 6 really good, straight, and decent distance balls. That was out of the 50 or so that were in the bag. According to Marc, I selected the hardest club to start with…. my driver. I Hate my driver, HATE….MY….DRIVER. But, we are slowly becoming better friends now that I have a better idea of what to do with it.

Next week, we’re on to the irons and working the short game. I’m sure we’ll revisit the driver once again. But, my forearms are sore, my upper back is tight, and I need to work my flexibility. What an experience! Now, get out there, grab a lesson or 3, and enjoy the gorgeous golfing experiences that the U.P. has to offer! I can’t wait to share my information with my son!


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