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Better Lucky Than Good!


Marquette, MI – To know me is to know I play golf.  Please do not confuse this fact and think for one moment that I’m a “Golfer” as there’s a BIG difference.

Playing golf means I rent a cart, swing a bag full of clubs anywhere from 89 – 143 times depending on the day.  Where as a Golfer understands things like….oh, I don’t know…rules of the game, and how to actually be successful when you go out.

That being said, this is my tee shot on the Par 3 hole #7 at Heritage in Marquette the other day.

Don’t let this fool you either.  I hit an open-face 8 Iron and popped it up around 20 years short of the green.  The ball hit the cart path and shot straight back up; landed on the fringe and then filtered to a stop where you see it now.

As the story is titled, better lucky……


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