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River Park Inn’s History Wall Takes You Back in Time

Some of the many frames along History Wall at the River Park Inn
View the History Wall at the River Park Inn

Green Cove Springs, FL  –  Back in the day, Green Cove Springs was a tourist Mecca because of the warm water mineral spring that drew wealthy people to Florida for “The Cure”.

Those people visited hundreds of hotel rooms and many grand hotels. At the River Park Inn’s history wall, you can view historical pictures and postcards. Popular with tourists and now very collectible, these postcards were also a way to promote the local buildings and scenery.

Also on the history wall, you will find an 1885 map clearly depicting the inn, some of the old hotels and their promotional material, the old train station, a restaurant menu when prices were affordable, and even Lee Field and the Mothball Fleet from WWII and the Korean War. You can learn all about the history of Green Cove Springs by walking down the stairs at River Park Inn.

By the way, the 78 degree mineral spring is still here producing “The Cure” at the rate of about 3,000 gallons a minute. Be sure to talk to Pat for more information about “The Cure”.

Call me to book a room in historic Green Cove Springs now at 904 284-2994 or book online.


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