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The Old People of River Park Inn in Green Cove Springs, FL: It’s Not What You’re Expecting!

The Old People of River Park Inn!
View the collection of Old People at River Park Inn! (904) 284-2994

Green Cove Springs, Florida  –  February 11, 2016  –  Not having vast experience as innkeepers, my new husband and I take every opportunity we can to stay at other bed and breakfasts when we travel. We learn a lot this way; a lot of what to do and also a lot of what not to do.

On one of our early excursions, our host shared his collection of kaleidoscopes with us as he advised us every inn needed a collection of something.  No, we do not have kaleidoscopes at River Park Inn to share with you, but at the top of the stairs you will encounter one of the most extensive collections of Old People that you may ever find.

It all started when Dale and I were dating. Back then he enabled my love of antiques and as I mused throughout various stores, he would chat with the shopkeeper usually inquiring if there might be any Old People.

So here we are with a collection of Old People, each uniquely doing things that old people do! Some are feeding the chickens, gathering the produce, soaking in the tub, fishing – you get the idea. I invite you to stay with us here at River Park Inn and take a moment to view our collection of Old People. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy collecting them.

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