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Health Tip – Mar. 1 – Fast Food Suggestions


Even if you are diligent about packing healthful foods when traveling, or finding restaurants with nutritious choices when eating out, there may be times when your healthy dining options are limited. While it’s a good idea for you avoid eating fast food entirely, if you must, please keep these natural health tips in mind when ordering:

1. No matter how hungry you are, you are better off ordering a small amount of food and making up for it with healthier foods later. Don’t super-size or add on items.

2. Pile on the lettuce, tomato and other vegetables that come with your order, to add some fiber and antioxidants.

3. If you order a salad, choose the low-fat dressing, and add sparingly. One serving of full-fat dressing can be equal to the amount of fat in a cheeseburger!

4. Finally, ask to see a list of the nutritional content of menu items. Some restaurants have them posted – if they don’t, ask for them, and ask yourself if you really want to eat there.


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