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Health Tip – Dec. 26 – Fighting Migraines with Exercise


Exercise can bring on severe headaches in some individuals who suffer from migraines, but a new study from Sweden suggests that for many, exercise may work as well as prescription drugs to prevent the painful headaches.

For their study, the researchers, from the University of Gothenberg in Sweden recruited 91 migraine patients and divided them into three groups. One group was assigned to exercise for 40 minutes three times a week under the supervision of a physiotherapist. The second group performed relaxation exercises, and patients in the third group received topiramate, a drug often prescribed for migraine prevention.

The study lasted for three months, during which the researchers tracked the patients’ migraine status, quality of life, aerobic capacity and level of physical activity. Follow up evaluations were completed three and six months later. The results showed that the number of migraines declined in all three groups, but no differences were seen between the preventive measures – all three worked equally well.

These new findings are good news for those who suffer from migraine headaches. The methods studied add to the range of approaches to prevention and relief already available. Unfortunately, no single method works dependably for all patients – finding what’s effective for an individual often requires some trial and error. In addition to the drugs that conventional physicians recommend to treat migraines, several alternative treatments can help relieve and prevent these severe headaches.


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