Home Dee Dee Health Tip – Oct. 31 – Glow Stick Poisoning

Health Tip – Oct. 31 – Glow Stick Poisoning


Calls to poison control centers reporting glow stick “poisoning” appear to increase during Halloween. Glow sticks are minimally toxic, but do pose a slight health risk.

Contact with the liquid, such as through digestion, can cause irritation or vomiting. Kids who ingest glow stick liquid shouldn’t need to visit the hospital, but their parents should call poison control.

Monitor small children with glow sticks to make sure they keep the objects out of their mouths. If a glow stick is somehow punctured or develops a leak, avoid handling the liquid by using gloves or a plastic bag over your hand for disposal. Thoroughly wash your hands or any other part of the body that has come in contact with the liquid.


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