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Health Tip – Oct. 17 – A Healthy Body Image Makes You Irresistable


So many of us are unsatisfied with the body we were born with, leading to a poor self image, lack of confidence and a whole lot of unnecessary unhappiness. Teens are particularly vulnerable to this syndrome. Let me tell you, I have yet to meet an ugly human being, with the exception of people who are constantly negative and grumpy in their outlook on life. Attitude matters, tremendously.

Most people start finding fault with their bodies during adolescence. “Oh, if only I had longer legs, nicer hair, a smaller nose, better looking lips, etcetera.”

The fact is that people come in all shapes and sizes, each with their differences. Think how boring it would be if everyone you met had a body which was more or less identical to their own! Variety is the spice of life and one person is neither superior or inferior just because his feet are smaller than average, or her hair is curly rather than the currently popular string-straight hair. Having a healthy body image involves accepting your body as it is, not trying to make your body conform to today’s idea of beauty.

One of the better approaches to a healthy body image is to make an objective analysis of your good and lesser attributes. If you’re actually overweight or underweight, do something about it! Exercise and eat right and the picture will change soon enough. When you do it for yourself, rather than to meet someone else’s expectations, you’re well on the road to a healthy body image.

In the end, a healthy body image makes you happy, beautiful and irresistible!


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