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Health Tip of the Day – Aug. 26 – A Healthy First Day of School


Make sure the first day of school for your child (or yourself) is a healthy day. Start by preparing in advance.

It is good to have all supplies needed already packed into the backpack. Don’t wait for the first day of school. Some schools provide a list of supplies ahead of time’

Don’t forget a healthy lunch, focusing on plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. A healthy lunch is great for the first day and also for every school day. It provides the much needed energy it takes to learn.

Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep before the first day of school and then starts the day with a healthy breakfast.

Encourage your child to do their best, even if they are feeling a little scared on the first day. Assure them those feelings are normal and they are not alone. A good hug and kiss before they go out the door is also a great help toward their mental health.


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