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Health Tip – Dec. 5 – Reading Food Labels and Your Weight


Here’s a behavioral strategy that may help you control your weight: make a habit of reading food labels. A new study authored by an international team of researchers showed that women who read food labels routinely weighed almost nine pounds less than women who didn’t.

The researchers analyzed data from the U.S. National Health Interview Survey, which asked more than 25,000 consumers about their health, eating and shopping habits, including how often they read the nutritional information on food labels. They found that women are more likely to read the nutrition labels than men (74 percent of the women read labels, compared to 58 percent of male shoppers), that smokers were least likely to read labels, that the more highly educated the consumer, the greater the likelihood of carefully reading labels.

The study also showed that people who live in cities were the most conscientious about reading labels and that urban white women read food labels most often


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