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Health Tip – Oct. 22 – Are You a Sugar Addict?


An extraordinary collection of statistics assembled from many studies suggests just how dysfunctional Americans’ relationship with sugar has become. Incredibly,  Americans consume 130 pounds of sugar annually. Adults consume about 22 teaspoons daily; children roughly 32 teaspoons (that’s just shy of 3/4 cup). The single food category most responsible for upping the average added-sugar intake: soft drinks, accounting for 33 percent of added sugar consumed daily.

Over consumption of sugar and high glycemic carbohydrates like those found in breads, pizza, cold cereals and other baked goods, has been linked to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

One of the most effective moves you can make to improve your health is cutting back sharply on sugar consumption; in particular, avoid sugared beverages entirely. If this seems daunting, taper off slowly – add slightly less sugar to your coffee or tea, have one fewer soft drink per week, etc. You will quickly discover that the craving for sugar dissipates. Foods that once seemed pleasantly sweet will now taste overly sweet.


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