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Health Tip – Oct. 16 – Ovarian Cancer: Taking Precautions


Knowledge is key – while ovarian cancer accounts for four percent of all cancers in women, it has a 90 percent cure rate if it is detected in its early stages. Some simple precautions can drastically increase the chance of early detection. Take the following medical precautions:

Give a thorough medical history to your gynecologist. Disclose any personal and family history of breast, endometrial, or colon cancer, as well as any use of fertility drugs (these may put you at higher risk).

Have an annual pelvic exam and routine sonograms.  Know the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Genetics do seem to be a factor in the likelihood of developing ovarian cancer. If your grandmother, mother, sister, or daughter had or has ovarian cancer, or if you are of Northern or Eastern European Jewish descent, you may be at a higher risk. Make sure your doctor is aware of your family’s background.


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