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Health Tip – July 4 – Fireworks – Prepare Before You Pop!


With the fabulous summer celebration of the 4th of July comes Americans all over with high hopes for a gorgeous summer day of barbecuing, swimming and, of course, fireworks. Make sure you celebrate safely. Here are a few tips for you and your family:

1. Always have an adult light the fireworks and sparklers. Keep them away from children, and make sure your audience is set back from the lighting area.

2. Keep pets indoors: their hearing is sensitive, and fireworks can cause stress and unusual/aggressive behavior.

3. Protect yourself: wear goggles or eye-guards when lighting, and ear plugs. Keep a bucket of water for emergencies, and for soaking used fireworks— they can still be explosive!

4. Make sure you know what you’re doing. Read the directions, don’t light with any part of your body over the firework, and always point in a safe direction (not at people, houses, etc).


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