My Favorite Podcasts to Listen to While Staying at Home


    Negaunee, MI – May 21st, 2020 – As the days keep rolling by, you might be looking for new pass times.  Maybe you’ve run out of shows to binge on Netflix.  Maybe you’ve already read your favorite books front to back.  A great way to pass the time, and maybe learn something new in the process, is listening to podcasts!  You could listen to one while exercising, doing chores around the house, or gardening.

    Find podcasts on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, and more!
    Find podcasts on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, and more!

    There are hundreds if not thousands of podcasts out there on the internet for just about anyone and anything.  This list is mainly my personal favorites, along with some of my friend’s recommendations.  If you’re interested about finding new Youtube channels to try, read Eric Scott’s article, My Favorite Channels to Watch on Youtube During the Pandemic.

    Casual Conversation

    One major area for podcasts are just casual conversations between two or more people.  Whether it’s what’s currently happening in their lives between episodes, or talking about the good old times.  It’s very easy to find a podcast like this to relate to.

    My personal favorite in terms of casual conversation podcasts is This Might Get Weird with Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart.  They both have their own respective Youtube channels, and often work in show business and comedy together.  A major topic for the show includes wild and wacky stories from their travels.  Stories could be about anything from the person they sat next to on their flight, to a spontaneous stop they made while driving around the country.  If you need a laugh, this is the podcast for you.

    There many different podcasts, from gaming, history, education, or politics
    There many different podcasts, from gaming, history, education, or politics

    Another podcast I listen to often is called Ear Biscuits.  The co-hosts Rhett and Link also have a popular Youtube Channel, Good Mythical Morning.  They cover a wide range of topics from growing up together, to current events, to their families.

    TV Show Discussion

    This is my favorite type of podcast.  I love re-watching a good show with someone who’s experiencing it for the first time and seeing their reactions.  Normally, for each episode of the podcast, they will review an episode of the show they’re focusing on.  They’ll talk about their thoughts and reactions, and sometimes include fun facts or trivia about the show.

    You’ve probably heard of a little show called The Office.  Well, two actresses from the US version, Angela Martin and Jenna Fischer, go back to the beginning of the show and talk about filming, details only they would know, and often have members of the cast and crew on as guests!  Whether you’re a long time fan or watching it as they go, it’s a great inside look into the show.  You can find more about The Office Ladies here.

    Another one of my favorite shows is Gilmore Girls.  I stumbled across this podcast, appropriately named Gilmore Guys.  One co-host is a long time fan of the show and the other is watching it for the first time.  It’s interesting to see their differing opinions and the first time watcher’s reactions to each episode.

    Bonus Folklore Podcast

    Listen to a podcast while you work around the house!
    Listen to a podcast while you work around the house!

    I just recently started listening to a podcast simply titled Lore.  It’s a bi-weekly podcast that talks about dark historical topics like mysterious creatures, events, and weird or unusual places around the world.  The episodes are only 15 to 30 minutes long, and discuss historical stories of lore from different cultures.  If you’re interested in mythology or folklore, definitely try this podcast.

    There are many more “genres” of podcasts than the ones I talked about out there, these are just my personal favorites.  There’s everything from kid friendly to educational to gaming, any topic you can think of, there’s probably a podcast about it.

    Do you recognize any of these podcasts?  What podcasts do you listen to?  Let me know with a comment below!


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