MAPS Board of Education to hold virtual meeting Monday May 18, 2020


    Mission Statement
    With an exemplary staff and rigorous curriculum, our mission is to maximize the academic potential of every child.
    (Adopted 1/28/2013)
    Marquette Area Public Schools
    1201 W. Fair Avenue
    Marquette, MI 49855
    Telephone 906-225-4200
    This meeting is a meeting of the Board of Education in public for the purpose of conducting the School District’s business and is not to be considered a public community meeting. There is a time for public participation during two (2) periods designated on the Agenda as, “Comments from the Public.”
    Regular Meeting
    Monday, May 18, 2020, 11:00 AM
    Electronic Meeting
    A G E N D A
    1. Call to Order
    2. Pledge of Allegiance
    3. Roll Call
    4. Approve Agenda
    5. Comments from the Public (agenda items only) (Please refer to Board Policy 0167.3 – Public
    Participation at Board Meetings).
    6. Superintendent’s Report
    A. Draft of Final Budget Amendment FY 20
    B. Preliminary FY 21 Budget with Tiers
    C. Review GASB 54 Fund Policy
    D. Other
    7. Approve Consent Agenda:
    A. Approve Minutes of April 20, 2020 Regular Board Meeting
    B. Personnel Report dated May, 2020; and
    C. Financial Reports:
    -April 2020 Receipts and Disbursements
    -April 2020 Financial Reports
    8. Board Committee Reports:
    A. Executive Committee Meeting of May 4, 2020
    B. Appropriations Committee Meeting of May 12, 2020
    9. New Business
    A. Approve Letters of Agreement
    B. Consider Adoption of Resolution Regarding MARESA’s 2020-21 Budget
    C. Consider Amending Superintendent Contract for 2020-21 to Freeze Pay at 2019-2020 Rate
    10. Comments from the Public (general)
    11. Board Member Comments
    12. Board President’s Comments
    13. Announcements and Other Meetings:
    June 29 Budget Hearing & Regular Board Meeting

    14. Adjourn

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